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M.A.J. Law Firm is dedicated exclusively in the area of U.S. Immigration Law. We offer assistance to individuals and their families. Our immigration attorney and the rest of the team will work closely with you to create a custom strategy and process your case in a professional and cost-effective manner.


You need to execute your legal action in a systematic manner without skipping a single step. Each step should also be timely. Laying out a plan helps you achieve this. You may read information about your legal action, but that only gives you knowledge but not experience. Remember, every step is important; hence, omitting a single step may change the outcome of your case or cause extreme delay. A combination of knowledge and Experience can bring out the best result for your case. Our attorney has legal knowledge and experience.

A legal consultation can be the best first step to hiring the right attorney for legal issues you may be facing. Consultation is not only an opportunity to speak with an immigration attorney but also a chance to determine whether legal services will be of any use in your particular matter.

To increase the effectiveness and objectivity of consultation, we suggest you provide as much background information as possible: your desired goals, the relevant facts of your case, and any other immigration issues that you think may affect your case.

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Attorney-Client Relationship

After the consultation, if the client and the attorney decide to move to the next step, we will provide you with some documents. One of them is the Representation Agreement. An attorney-client relationship will only exist upon receipt and acceptance of the executed Representation Agreement and deposit. Thus, until we accept your signed Retainer Agreement and required deposit, no attorney-client relationship will be established, and we are not your lawyers.

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